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On the way to school this morning, I heard a very interesting NPR news story by Zoe Chace titled “Andrew Sullivan Is Doing Fine“.
It’s about a journalist and blogger named Andrew Sullivan who is making quite a bit of money experimenting with a journalism blog.

“Two months ago, the popular political blogger Andrew Sullivan left the comfortable world of big media and struck out on his own. His bold new plan: Ask readers to pay $19.99 a year or more to subscribe to his blog.
‘It was either quit blogging, or suck it up and become a businessman,’ he told me.
The usual way bloggers make money (if they make money at all) is to sell advertising. But Sullivan figured he could get his devoted reader base to pay. Within the first week, he’d raised half a million dollars. By the end of about two months, the total had crept up to $625,000,” said Chace.

Andrew Sullivan. Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
Andrew Sullivan is probably most well known for being the former editor of The Atlantic. He has also written multiple books, and contributed to multiple magazines. Here is a biography.
Because of his work and accomplishments, Sullivan had a substantial amount of followers before taking this leap, so it wasn’t as risky as say if I were to do it. However, the idea of asking readers of a blog to pay the writer directly is pretty radical, and bloody brilliant.

Sullivan’s (readership paid) blog is called The Dish. You can view many posts for free. I’m not sure how many articles are exclusive to paying readers, because I can’t afford to subscribe.
But if you subscribe, please feel free to “Dish” on the matter. I’m sure I’m not the only one curious as to what’s going on behind closed doors on Sullivan’s blog.

Adieu amis,
Brandy Danielle