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“It is quite possible to spend the rest of your life reading about how to write and never get around to actually writing — especially with so many convenient collections of writers’ ruminations like the ones listed and described below,” said Mark Nichol a writer for DailyWritingTips.com.

His post is titled “10 Anthologies About Writing“.
It starts out with the quote above and continues with links to 10 books about writing. While I’ve never read any of these books, I would certainly like to check a few of them out.

There is also a book that we just finished reading in my Creative Writing class that I’d like to mention. It is “The Writing Life“, by Annie Dillard.
“If someone of Annie Dillard’s stature can write like this while claiming to abhor the whole process, then there’s hope for all of us writers. Writing is a lonely process,” said Peggy Vincent in an Amazon.com customer review.
Vincent captures the essence of Dillard’s book beautifully.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought.

Thanks for reading,
Brandy Danielle